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Chiesi Group has around 4,800 employees worldwide, around 12 people are working for Chiesi Slovakia. They are highly qualified and entrepreneurial and thus contribute to continued growth of the company. Trust and a respectful and appreciative conduct shape our everyday work. All employees are supported in their personal learning and development processes according to their needs and goals. Personnel development supports our employees in purposefully fulfilling their duties through further training and professional development courses.

We aim to establish and maintain a medically-based dialogue for the purpose of professional knowledgeability. We put top priority to quality assurance and guarantee superior standards of pharmacovigilance.

Our team of professional representatives focuses on two distinct areas of the health care structure – Special Care and Primary Care.

We visit clients in the hospitals in the fields of anesthesiology, intensive care and neonatology. In outpatient practice we focus on specialists in areas of pulmonology, allergology, orthopedy/rheumatology and cystic fibrosis.