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Chiesi symbolizes success since 1935


Highlights from the Chiesi Group with focus on Chiesi Slovakia

  • 1935 Giacomo Chiesi, the founder of Chiesi Farmaceutici, always aspired to have a laboratory to carry out research. Chiesi buys the “Pharma Biologica – Pharmaceuctical Laboratory”, a small laboratory in the historic district of Parma. 
  • 1960 Chiesi grows into a substantial company with 50 employees, offering a wide range of products (A-col, Tripnol, Parminal, etc.)
  • 1966 The founder’s sons, Alberto Chiesi and Paolo Chiesi, take over the company and focus on the development of the company’s own products as well as on its internationalization. 
  • 1992 Chiesi establishes its first subsidiary in France. In later years, new branches, research centers and manufacturing plants are opened in Europe, the United States and in Brazil.  Learn more about Chiesi here.
  • 2001 Torrex Pharma, a privately-owned company, founded in 1994 in Austria, with its focus on Central Eastern European countries becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary. This company is already well established in Austria, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Hungary and focuses on the CEE region.


Our History

  • The Slovak branch is registered 27th November 2003 under a business name Torrex Pharma Slovakia s.r.o. In the beginning of 2014 the structure of the company started to be created together with the team promoting the whole portfolio.
  • In November 2005 Torrex Pharma Slovakia is renamed to Torrex Chiesi Slovakia, s.r.o. Gradually new medications are being increased on the market in the field of pneumology, anesthesiology, intensive medicine, pain therapy and orthopedics’.  
  • The further expansion team and the creation of two divisions, inpatient and outpatient take place in early 2007. This structure of the company and its focus on therapeutic areas is preserved till today and the further development is to expand the spectrum of our portfolio.
  • In 2007 Chiesi Slovakia introduced a combined preparation Foster® to the market. It is the third fixed combination in Slovak market, recommended by the Global Initiative GINA from 2008 for asthma treatment for patients. This product, intended for inhalation, combines corticosteroid and a long-acting ß2 mimetic and is recommended for patients over 18 years.       
  • In 2009 The Chiesi Group achieves a turnover of 872 million Euro with 3,500 employees. Chiesi holds 264 patents around the world, operates 3 manufacturing plants, 4 research centers and 23 affiliated companies around the world and is present in more than 65 countries.
  • 30th June 2011 Torrex Chiesi Slovakia s.r.o. was renamed to Chiesi Slovakia s.r.o.
  • In 2014 Chiesi Group achieved a turnover of 1.342 million Euro. In 2014 Chiesi Group became one of the 46 largest innovative pharmaceutical companies at global level, with a growth rate placing it among the most advanced in the sector. Additional investment continued to be made in Research & Development, reaching 236 million Euro and distributed over 40 projects at various stages of development.